Patient Portals

Each doctor has their own portal. If you see more than one doctor in our office, you’ll need to register for each doctor’s portal. Click on the doctor’s name in order to access their portal, send them messages, request an appointment, or view results for tests they ordered.

Please only use the portal for non-urgent matters that can wait 48-72 hours for a reply. If you have urgent needs, please see the Urgent Care section.

Which doctor did you see? Or, which doctor are you scheduled to see?

Dr. Molly Gray

Dr. Elias Kass

Dr. Tracy McDaniel

Dr. Kate Short



Dr. Marcie Hamrick is no longer seeing patients at One Sky Family Medicine. Please do not send messages through her portal. You may still access it in order to pay patient balances, etc. In order to do that, please click here.


Background: One Sky Family Medicine has been live on AthenaHealth comprehensive electronic health records since the end of September 2012, and doctors and patients alike have enjoyed the ease of electronic health records.

Electronic Health Records are an exciting way to streamline your care, with all aspects of your visit being coordinated in the same system, from filling out your health history from your computer at home, to electronic prescriptions sent instantly while we’re sitting with you in the office, and faster refills when you need them.