Alison Kneisl, MD

Alision Knisel’s Transition to Qliance 

I am writing to inform you that I will be closing my practice at One Sky Family Medicine. It is a bittersweet decision for me because I have savored my time at One Sky so much.   However, I have been offered a new opportunity that I feel compelled to pursue.  My last day seeing patients at One Sky Family Medicine will be Friday, September 7.

Please know that this is much shorter notice than I would like to have given all of you.  Yet a combination of circumstances has dictated a need for this unusually quick turn of events.  My sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this causes for you or your family.

On Monday, September 10, I will begin working, as both a physician and an administrator, for Qliance, an organization dedicated to changing the health care system and making affordable, compassionate, high-quality primary care available to all patients.   To find out more about Qliance, please visit their website at, or call 206-381-3030.

For those of you interested in following me to Qliance, I will be seeing patients part-time in their downtown office, located at 509 Olive Way.  If you wish to schedule an appointment with me for after September 10th , please contact Qliance at (206) 913-4700.

I recognize, though, that many of you may choose not to transition your care to Qliance.  For those of you, I encourage you to continue with one of the current or new providers at One Sky Family Medicine.  If you specifically need to seek care with a Medical Doctor (MD), Dr. Marcie Hamrick’s practice is currently open to new patients.  You can find out more information about each of the One Sky Family Medicine providers – including Dr. Hamrick – by visiting

If you cannot find a provider at One Sky Family Medicine who meets your needs, you may want to consider one of the other providers in the Seattle Healing Arts Center building ( or Dr. Anja Gugel, MD at the Polyclinic Northgate (

It has been a profound honor and pleasure to serve you as your primary care provider, and I deeply appreciate the trust that you have placed in me the past four years.  I will sincerely miss being part of the One Sky Family Medicine and Seattle Healing Arts Center communities.  I hope that in my roles with Qliance I will be able to contribute towards creating a better health care environment for all of us here in the United States.

With warmth, and with gratitude for all you have given me,

Alison S. Kneisl, MD, MBA

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