Molly Gray, ND, LM

Dr Molly GrayDr. Molly Gray graduated from Bastyr University in 2006. She earned her undergraduate degree from LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Molly’s philosophy revolves around her faith in the innate healing ability of the body.  She believes that awareness, coupled with nurture and the proper tools, will allow the body to heal itself. The focus of her treatment is to support and facilitate the natural restorative process.

Dr. Gray practices naturopathic primary care. Her passion is in naturopathic pediatric care, women’s health, environmental medicine, and fertility. Through her work as a midwife, Molly has developed a love for pediatric care. Starting early in life with good health builds a solid foundation for optimal wellness throughout one’s life and future generations.

In addition to pediatrics and fertility, Dr. Gray treats a wide range of health concerns. She possesses broad based clinical skills and experience in the use of nutritional healing, botanical medicine, homeopathy and detoxification. These tools allow her to individualize treatment and provide the best care to the whole person.