Natural Fertility Program

OSFM provides a variety of reproductive health services ranging including preconception care, fertility optimization, IUIs (intrauterine insemination), and naturopathic care that complements assisted reproductive technology.

Preconception healthcare is recommended for all couples or single people who are planning for pregnancy or are struggling with fertility. Our goal is to not only to help assist you in getting pregnant but to ensure that you have the healthiest baby possible. Our providers welcome people who are looking for an alternative to fertility treatments, as well as those who would like to increase the chances of success with assisted reproductive technologies.

Our approach to fertility includes a comprehensive work-up to find out why you are not getting pregnant. This may include conventional tests in addition to a deeper look at other underlying causes that may be hindering your fertility. Treatment plans include comprehensive lifestyle suggestions as well as supplementation with nutrients and herbal medicines to optimize your cycle.

Each person’s plan is individualized. Because of this, it is easy to work safely with couples using medications, donor egg or sperm, and more. We welcome everyone, including same-sex couples or single people trying to grow their family!

Whether you are just beginning your journey to becoming pregnant or you have been trying and are finding this experience more challenging than you anticipated, we are here to help.  We will provide you with tools to enhance your fertility as well as inform you of what can hinder your chances of becoming pregnant. As naturopathic doctors we will take into consideration all aspects of your life as they pertain to your fertility and we will work together to find and treat the cause of your infertility.

Our appointments are comprehensive and include: fertility analysis, lab work and imaging as needed, and a fertility optimizing protocol.