The doctors at One Sky Family Medicine provide naturopathic pediatric care from the very first day of life.

These services include tracking your child’s growth and development, helping with breastfeeding (or other feeding if necessary), counseling around immunizations, transitions to solid foods, school/camp/sports exams, and naturopathic care when sick.

Specialty naturopathic care is especially useful for many childhood conditions, including asthma, eczema, chronic ear infections, digestive issues, and allergies. Referrals for other specialty care are available.

Teens need care too: regular preventive care visits including counseling to help your teen make healthy choices in all arenas, including sexuality, drugs, alcohol, driving, and texting.

Free meet and greet available before or after your baby is born to help you choose your pediatric care provider. This is a quick 15 minute informational visit to meet the doctor and ask general questions about our practice and the timing of your baby’s first visit.

Transfer of pediatric care is also available — make sure you request your child’s records, including growth and immunizations, from your prior provider.