Urgent Care

Most patients and parents find it reassuring that our practice is covered 24 hours a day by one of our physicians. It is our intention that you feel well supported in your health as well as your parenting journey. The following information is intended to help you most efficiently access health care services when urgent needs arise.

Please remember, if you are experiencing a medical emergency CALL 911

If you are not sure whether you or your child needs to be seen today: Log onto the portal, and use the “symptom checker” feature in the lower left hand corner of your homepage.  Going through this process will assist you in determining whether you need an appointment, and when.

Another resource for adults and kids

  • Medline plus.  Health topic information for adults and kids, including information about warning signs and how urgently to be seen.  This is a government sponsored site from the National Institutes of Health

Similar resources for kids only

When urgent matters arise DURING business hours: If you or your child is sick, and you’d like help treating the illness, the best way to receive care is to come to the clinic for an appointment.  You can schedule a visit from the homepage on your patient portal, or call the clinic for an appointment. Please schedule early in the day to reserve one of our “same-day acute” appointments, which are saved for just such a need. Whenever possible, we will schedule you with your primary care physician. If that is not possible, we will try to arrange an appointment for you with another of the One Sky Family Medicine physicians.

For urgent matters arise AFTER business hours, you have three options:

1.     CALL OUR ANSWERING SERVICE at 206-219-3129 When you have URGENT concern, one of our physicians is available to you after hours by calling our answering service. Through this service, we will help you deal with an acute illness overnight or over the weekend. We will also help you decide whether a trip the emergency department is necessary. Please note there is a fee for contacting the physician on call after-hours, unless you are calling about a baby who is less than 8 weeks old. As of Jan 1, 2017, we are raising this fee to $45. This fee is not covered by insurance. Please note we do not accept after-hours pages for prescription refills or to discuss scheduling an appointment, though you can request both online via the patient portal.

 There are a number of free services available to help you decide whether you should seek emergency treatment after hours, and who will provide advice about home care until you can be seen by your doctor. You may notice that these hotlines give different advice about using over the counter medicines than your naturopathic doctor gives in the office. Consulting Line Phone Numbers:

  • Group Health Consulting Nurse (206) 326-3225‎ (Group Health members only)
  • Evergreen Medical Center in Kirkland 425-899-3000
  • Harborview Community Care Line 206-744-2500
  • Swedish Medical Center Nurse Consulting Line 206-215-2100
  • Health Plan Nurse Triage lines.  You may also call your insurance carrier, many of whom have 24 hour nurse lines designed to help you decide whether you need urgent care.  Generally their number can be found on the back of your insurance card, or easily located on their website.

3. SEEK CARE AT A LOCAL URGENT CARE CENTER or EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT Seattle is lucky to have an excellent selection of hospitals, and many options for emergency after hours care. 
Urgent Care Centers offer after hours care for certain conditions.  The link below to Seattle Children’s gives examples of what care can be provided in an urgent care setting.